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Alliant Capital is a private equity firm uniquely created to help lower middle market and middle market companies.  

We pursue investment opportunities that fit our emphasis on long-term value and the creation of value through:

Strategic planning

Proactive leadership

Organic and acquisition-based growth

Responsible risk-taking

Disciplined investment processes

Our success is grounded in our unique organizational and investment structure, which allows us to provide real value to our portfolio companies.

Access to our network of partners, business contacts

Counsel and advice on strategic direction and corporate vision

Analysis and support for strategic acquisitions and investments

Analysis of strategic alliances, market opportunities and operational issues

Support in the recruitment and retention of growth and profit-driven executives

Extensive operating experience and proven leadership

Alliant Capital has a unique investment strategy that has been vital to our success and success of our clients.

Seeking investments in the lower middle market and being disciplined in what we will pursue yet creative in how we will structure investments has been vital to our success. We bring the collective business experiences of our team to bear in evaluating potential investments and are actively involved after closing. We seek to create a collaborative approach with the management teams of our companies.  

Target Investment Criteria

We look for companies that have the following characteristics:

Revenue & EBITDA
  • Revenue $3-25 million or slightly higher
  • EBITDA $1-5 million; will consider EBITDA outside of this range with a compelling growth story.
  • In the right scenario, we would consider investing in a turn-around.
Financial Trends
  • Prefer trend of over 2-3 years or more of positive revenue and EBITDA growth but not required; if EBITDA does not have a positive trend then we would want to see evidence of associated expense control to sustain EBITDA margin as % of revenue
  • Like to see company created financial projections for next 3-5 years (income statement; balance sheet and cash flow if possible)
  • Stable working capital characteristics
Management Team
  • Strongly prefer management team to remain in place or an acceptable succession plan be in place.
Ownership Characteristics
  • 1st or 2nd generation owner seeking full or partial transition
  • Company generally at least 10 years old and often over 20+ years
  • Demonstrate sustainable, competitive advantages and strong customer relationships
  • And again, we would consider a turn-around in the right situation
Geographic Location
  • Alliant will consider investments across the continental U.S. but prefer within the range of greater Midwest, Southeastern and Southwestern U.S.
Industry Interests
  • Generalists with respect to industry and will look at companies in manufacturing, distribution, construction/contracting, commercial services, printing, retail, agriculture, healthcare, consumer products, and others; will consider turnaround opportunities.